After the removal of a cancerous tumor in his chest, four rounds of chemotherapy, and a paralyzed vocal cord, Jeremy Hicks was told to find a new profession.

Hicks, a songwriter originally from Georgia, is one of those people that HAS to make music. Starting out as many young songwriters do he imitated the artists he admired, from Dylan to Ray Lamontagne, he worked on finding his voice. Planning on moving to Nashville to further his music career, his hopes seemed dashed when he learned about his sickness. Hicks beat cancer but was told that because of a paralyzed vocal cord, he would never sing again.

Undeterred by his diagnosis, he wrote songs, pressed on, and set off to Nashville anyway with no guitar, no voice, and little hope. 

“My plan was, as soon as I was able, I was still moving to Nashville, I was still going to pursue this.”

Little by little, he was able to start whistling melodies and soon enough, beating the odds, his voice came back. But this wasn't the voice he grew up with, It wasn’t the imitations of the singers he admired anymore. It was the voice he heard in his head. What came out was raw, scarred, and hauntingly beautiful. Hicks' voice penetrates your chest like the tumor that almost claimed him. His songs are soulful, melodic and serve as insight into a once broken man searching for meaning and finding hope in a song.

With his project, THENVOY, Hicks' seeks to turn his pain into solace by creating an environment of consolation with elements of song, film and fragrance.

 "Music is what gave me the strength to get though, so I want to do the same for other people."